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Hello! Welcome,
I'm Carla Pinto, Portuguese, freelancer, author, photographer and roadtripper. I like to tell stories with words and images. Stories are what keep us alive. To live them, to tell them, to remember them. Here, some of my stories come together.
After brief child adventures, I only came back to direct contact with motorcycles in adulthood, through the "Law of 125". I was part of the administration of the F125cc, a web forum for travelers and lovers of 125cc. At that time I also dedicated my time to an online magazine the "F125cc Aventura" (if you never heard or read it, don´t worry, it was a kind of personal and underground hobby, but I still made a point to have interesting guests in brief interviews such as Miguel Tiago, our Clara de Sousa of the news programs, Filipe Paiva Trial pilot at TrialMotor, Eliana Malizia motorcycle reporter in Brazil, among many others (if you’d like to peek, here is the link of the magazine, but pay attention that I am no longer involved with the forum in question, I kept only the magazines that are of my entire authorship - https://issuu.com/f125cc)
I´ve met teammates from North to South of Portugal, in 2014 I also organized what we called "1st trip around Portugal on 125", a almost non-stop five-day trip with minimalist spirit (motorbikes, tents & barbecues) where I experienced a type of friendship and companionship that does not seem to exist in many other worlds.
I had my “big bikes” baptism trip in, as a passenger on a 200km stretch hanging on the "seat" of a Harley Davidson Night Train, a trip that was both fantastic and painful, but perfect.
Between rides, rallies and events I get a glimpse (personal is sure) of the two-wheeled lifestyle.
But since there is no perfection, I also carry a wonderful Karmic incongruity of being a bad but a very bad motorbike driver ... maybe one day this will change, or maybe I will always have my hands free for more photos.
On this site I present my book "#13 TREZE - Versos em duas rodas curvas ondas e outras linhas menos rectas of photography and poetry both of my own; and two pages of travelling and photographs from North to South of Portugal in different worlds.
Rock'N'Ride On Portugal (R.O.P) walks through sporting events, meetings and rallies of the Portuguese biker world.
Road Trip Portugal travels the country in search of history, fairs, castles and ghosts of the past.